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September 30, 2018
Beach Volleyball Event
September 30, 2018
417 Putnam Pike, Chepachet, RI

Reverse Coed 3's BB Level Tournament- CANCELLED

Divisions: Coed 3's; Wait List - 3 player;

Online Registration is Closed

Additional Information:

Cancelled for this year- but here is what you can expect next year:

Alright, Simmons: what is a 3's tournament? I'm glad that you asked.

Our BB Level 3's tournament let's your team of 3 play on a doubles court.

Your team will consist of at least one lady and one gent. Who you fill with the 3rd spot is entirely up to you.

We will be taking  6 teams in this pool, and each team will play the other teams in their pool

Game play rules:

    Reverse Coed Rules- men may only hit behind the 10' line and may NOT block

    1 game to 21 straight for pool play

    playoffs will be one game to 21 for semis with a win by 2 no cap rule, and finals will be one game to 25 with a win by 2 no cap rule

    Reverse Coed rules, so gents may contact the ball above the net only behind the 10 foot line

$25 a person/$75 a team

Winners will be awarded a Hill's Grill Tavern gift certificate


Stick's Volleyball

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